Blind sided by a 2x4


Updated to clarify some of the language.

At this point in time, I am writing this article to clarify my thoughts about Louie Verrecchio's behaviour of late.

Specifically, the article by Fr. Gleize has caused Louie some concern.  This concern has resulted in a semi-dramatic shift in Louie's tone and articles on the SSPX.

I think the following articles reflect the shift / concerns / perspective of Louie:

Since March there have been other articles, but I have been (and remain) very busy with a pending examination.

Recently, Louie published this article dogmatic-certainty-that-francis-is-pope and goes on to attempt to set aside the doctrine.

This is dangerous to both Louie and his readers and so I have to take action.

First,  the doctrine is clear that when the Church unanimously accepts a recently elected Pope, it establishes an infallible dogmatic fact that any imagined impediments to the election of a Pope as Vicar of Christ are simply that: imagined.

See this article for more details:

The vast majority are not confused about who is Pope and have accepted Pope Francis as such.

This means that, as faithful Catholics, we don't get to take the easy way out and say that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is still the Vicar of Christ.

We need to deal with the reality that the Catholic Church is in crisis and that Pope Francis is as much a victim of this crisis as he is a perpetrator.

Second, because of the danger that Louie's perspective brings to the souls of my readers, I am removing him from my blogging list and recommend people avoid his blog.

If Louie realizes the danger he causing and retracts, I will gladly change my position.

Pray for Louie, he is not the first revert / convert to be blind sided by a 2x4 in this crisis.

Keep the Dogmas, Doctrines and Principles of the Church.

and keep a strong spiritual life.



  1. I appreciate your blog so much.

    1. You're welcome and thank you for encouraging me!

      Pray for Louie, what's happening to him has happened to others - they became sedevacantists.


  2. Louis Verrechio needs to disown the novus ordo completely.


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