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Sin - Catholic Encyclopedia


As this crisis of the Church proceeds through its life-cycle there is a risk of Catholics forgetting some of the fundamentals.

For example, the differences between:

  • Actual and Original
  • Mortal and Venial 
  • Materials and Formal
Even Traditional Catholics are not immune to this and could benefit from a refresher.


PS. This is also to serve as a reference for an article that is wip.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Episcopal Consecrations - A Decision and Explanatory Documents


I found the date of the public statement a little puzzling.

I'm going to make some inquiries.

2. A Public Statement on the Occasion of the Episcopal Consecration of Several Priests of the Society of St. Pius X.
Albano, (Rome), October 19. 1983


Courtesy of SSPXasia

THE NOVA VULGATA: Has the Vatican Officially Ditched St. Jerome’s Vulgate? - The Remnant


The hits keep on coming.

My touchstone for assessing whether or not a bible translation is suspect is Luke 1:28.  I usually compare it to three handy references: The Vulgate, Douay and Knox translations. (

Here's the vulgate:
Et ingressus angelus ad eam dixit: Ave gratia plena: Dominus tecum: benedicta tu in mulieribus.

Here's the Douay:
And the angel being come in, said unto her: Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.

Here's the Knox:
Into her presence the angel came, and said, Hail, thou who art full of grace; the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women.
Now, here we have the Nova Vulgata  (including the preceding and following verse):
27 ad virginem desponsatam viro, cui nomen erat Ioseph de domo David, et nomen virginis Maria.
28 Et ingressus ad eam dixit: “ Ave, gratia plena, Dominus tecum ”.
29 Ipsa autem turbata est in sermone eius et cogitabat qualis esset ista salutatio.
( )
So there is reason for concern . . . Our Lady is no longer blessed among women.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Evil - Catholic Encyclopedia


I'm posting this as a reference for an expanded article on obedience that I will eventually write  ...


Source: Catholic Encyclopedia

Mantra in Place


Obviously the 'mantra' is still in force:

Vatican City ( KAP)  According to Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, an agreement between the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X and the Vatican is not yet within reach."This takes time," said the Prefect of the Roman Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, according to Catholic broadcaster EWTN. What is needed is a "deeper reconciliation, not just the signing of a document." Those who wish to be Catholic must accept, among other things, the councils and other ecclesiastical doctrine as well as the "hierarchical communion with the local bishop, the communion of all bishops and the Holy Father".  (h/t Eponymous flower)
I understand that Archbishop Pozzo maintained his position (mantra not in force) in front of Bishop Fellay and Card. Mueller.

It does make me wonder if God inspires them to maintain the contradiction in order to protect the SSPX.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

WSJ: Pope Francis Looks to Reconcile With Breakaway Catholic Group


I saw this on Rorate's twitter feed and found this paragraph telling:
Archbishop Lefebvre opposed the end of the Latin Mass—a move he regarded as a damaging rupture with the church’s millennial traditions—and the Vatican’s more open stance to other religions. He argued that Catholicism is the only true faith and that Catholic officeholders are duty bound to make sure it is favored by the state. Source: WSJ

Well at least someone understands what this is about!!!

Then we have this bit:

SSPX members “flagrantly reject the Catholic Church’s rite of the Mass, its teachings on the primacy of conscience, and its respect for the truths expressed by other religions. Yet they are beckoned back into the fold,” wrote Jamie L. Manson, an editor of the progressive National Catholic Reporter, in April 2016. “But Catholics who…challenge the church’s teachings on women’s ordination and sexual ethics are still locked outside of the doors of mercy.”
So, let's see if we get this right, the SSPX who upholds Church Teaching against all comers.

Manson et al are the ones who are coming.

Just saying ...


Friday, May 19, 2017

SSPX Marriages Addendum 2: Interview with Bishop Fellay - April 2017


Bishop Fellay, the Superior General, has providing insight to the marriage issue.

It would appear that rumours of the death of the SSPX were greatly exaggerated.


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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Another In-Flight Interview - SSPX


By now we're used to the Airborne Magisterium of Pope Francis, but a couple of items of interest were to be found in the latest interview.  What the Pope related I've already heard from various conferences of the SSPX.  So no new news, but news none the less as the Vicar of Christ decided to make mention of it.

Nicolas Seneze (La Croix): Thanks, Holy Father. We’re returning from Fatima for which the Fraternity of St. Pius X has a great devotion and much is said about an agreement that would give an official statute to the Fraternity in the Church. Some even imagined that there would be an announcement today… Holiness, do you think that this agreement is possible in a short timeframe? And, what are the obstacles still? And what is the sense of this reconciliation for you? And, will it be the triumphant return for faithful who have shown what it means to be truly Catholic or what? 

Francis: I would toss out any form of triumphalism. None. Some days ago, the Feria Quarta of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, their meeting - the call it the Feria Quarta, because it’s the fourth Wednesday - studied a document and the document still hasn’t reached me, the study of the document. This is the first. Secondly, the current relations are fraternal. Last year, I gave a license for confession to all of them, also a form of jurisdiction for marriages, but even before the problems, the cases they had, for example, had to be resolved by the Doctrine of the Faith. The Doctrine of the Faith carries them forward. For example, abuses. The cases of abuse, they brought them to us, also to the Penitentiary. Also the reduction to the lay state of a priest, they bring to us. The relations are fraternal. With Msgr. Fellay I have a good rapport. I’ve spoken many times… I don’t like to hurry things. Walk. Walk. Walk. And then we’ll see. For me, it’s not an issue of winners and losers, it’s an issue of brothers who must walk together, looking for a formula to make steps forward. 
The reports that I've seen have only focused on the words of Pope Francis - but the question is critical to understanding the final aspects.

SSPX Marriages and Sundry - Addendum


As a follow-up to my post on the issue in the Chardonnet etc., here's a conference given by Archbishop Lefebvre that touches on a number of the points.


Courtesy of SSPXasia: St. Nicholas du Chardonnet Conference May 5, 1988

Saturday, May 13, 2017

SSPX Marriages and Sundry


As the 'distance' between Rome and the SSPX lessens, peoples assumptions are going to be tested.

Why?  Because, in this conflict (read: Fog of War), the guiding principles have become obscured or lost.

 If decisions are made upon unvalidated assumptions, independent of principles, then mistakes will be made.

An example of a mistake is the letter written in La Chardonnet and signed by 7 priests. In this letter they took it upon themselves to put forth their opinions (it was also read from the pulpit), that could be interpreted as being at odds with that of their superiors.

So, here we hit disobedience again.

Here's the key points from the  final paragraph that gives us a hint of the underlying issues.
  1.  Personal Prelature ... was supposed to recognize us as we are, and to maintain our independence vis-à-vis the local Ordinaries.
  2. First decisions taken consist in unjustly submitting our marriages to these very Ordinaries
  3. Tomorrow the opening of any new Houses will have to meet their approval
Looking at the first and third point we have the 'independence' from the local ordinaries assumption. What we want it to mean and what it can mean are two different things.  I prefer to look at what it can mean.

The geographic delegation of authority is Apostolic.  This means you need to be very careful when dealing with it, otherwise we could become little modernists in altering the constitution of the Church.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Foundation of the Crisis of the Church



There is, believe it or not, a root to this crisis of the Church.

In order to find it, you have to dig past the documents of Vatican II ... as well as basically all the post-V2 fluff that tries to pass for doctrine and dig a little deeper.

Ultimately, we will arrive at ... wait for it ... pride.

You see, the problems of Vatican II etc didn't happen over night, it started with Luther and simply erupted at V2.

The liberals, modernists, et al simply thought (and think) that they have such a deep knowledge of Theology etc that they see where the Church made a mistake in dealing with the World.  They prefer to make up their own perspective instead of accept reality, instead of submitting to the Church.

How was this pride manifested?


They disobeyed Pope Pius X by (amongst other things) disobeying the interdicts against teaching modernism, by reading modernist books that were on the index etc.

This continues today.

Archbishop Lefebvre said it - perhaps first - but looking at the Church today - truer words have not be said:
Two religions confront each other; we are in a dramatic situation and it is impossible to avoid a choice, but the choice is not between obedience and disobedience.  What is suggested to us, what we are expressly invited to do, what we are persecuted for not doing, is to choose an appearance of obedience. But even the Holy Father cannot ask us to abandon our faith.
We therefore choose to keep it and we cannot be mistaken in clinging to what the Church has taught for two thousand years.  The crisis is profound, cleverly organized and directed, and by this token one can truly believe that the master mind is not a man but Satan himself.  For it is a master-stroke of Satan to get Catholics to disobey the whole of Tradition in the name of obedience.  A typical example is furnished by the “aggiornamento” of the religious societies. By obedience, monks and nuns are made to disobey the laws and constitutions of their founders, which they swore to observe when they made their profession. Obedience in this case should have been a categorical  refusal. Even legitimate authority cannot command a reprehensible and evil act. Nobody can oblige anyone to change his monastic vows into simple promises, just as nobody can make us become Protestants or modernists. St. Thomas Aquinas, to whom we must always refer, goes so far in the Summa Theologica as to ask whether the “fraternal correction” prescribed by Our Lord can be exercised towards our superiors. After having made all the appropriate distinctions he replies: “One can exercise fraternal correction towards superiors when it is a matter of faith.” (OpenLetterToConfusedCatholics/Chapter-18)


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Status of the SSPX


Periodically, the status of the SSPX comes up in the media.

For the record here's what the SSPX has compiled!


Courtesy of

Monday, May 8, 2017

The Modernist Zombie Apocalypse Has Arrived


It occurred to me that the reactions to a no-compromise SSPX regularization (particularly of the Mr. Weigel and Common Weal) may be a symptom of Modernist Zombie-ism.

The current lore is that Zombies have some sort of ailment that transforms them into mindless, brain / flesh-eating monsters.

Well, in a weird twist of fate, those who imbibed too deeply into the excuse making under the past pontificates have become the 'walking dead' seeking to consume those who are still alive enough to realise that frankly the past pontificates left much to be desired.

Even the Vatican stated that Pope St. John Paul II was not canonized because of his papacy!


ps. Don't lose your sense of humour!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Two Years after the SSPX Episcopal Consecrations - The Sequel


A few years ago, I made the claim in this post that the 'As We Are' condition was embedded and not abandoned by Archbishop Lefebvre.

A number of people have stated that the following phrase contradicts that:
However, one day they will be obliged to recognize that the Society represents a spiritual force and a strength of the Faith which is irreplaceable and which they will have, I hope, the joy and the satisfaction to make use of, but when they have come back to their Traditional Faith.
I've already made my case, but recently I decided to look for and found the original french text (full text below).

Here's the original text of the above statement:
Bien qu’ils n’aient pas voulu le dire explicitement, ils sont bien obligés de reconnaître que la Fraternité représente une force spirituelle irremplaçable pour la foi, dont ils auront, j’espère, la joie et la satisfaction de se servir lorsqu’ils auront retrouvé la foi traditionnelle.
Comparing to the above translation we find the following:

  1. There is no comma in between "make use of" and the rest of the statement.
  2. Also there is no "but" in the original phrase.

Let's do a more literal translation:

so, this means that the phrase would more appropriately translated by Tradical as:
While they did not want to say so explicitly, they are obliged to recognize that the Fraternity represents an irreplaceable spiritual force for the faith, of which they will have, I hope,  the joy and the satisfaction to make use of when they rediscover the traditional faith.
Here's the two translations side by side:

Original Translation
Tradical Translation
However, one day they will be obliged to recognize that the Society represents a spiritual force and a strength of the Faith which is irreplaceable and which they will have, I hope, the joy and the satisfaction to make use of, but when they have come back to their Traditional Faith.
While they did not want to say so explicitly, they are obliged to recognize that the Fraternity represents an irreplaceable spiritual force for the faith, of which they will have, I hope,  the joy and the satisfaction to make use of when they rediscover the traditional faith.

It is amazing how a misplaced a comma and word can alter the sense if not the meaning of a phrase.

Looking at the two translations the Tradical version (validated below by our friend Google), definitely shows a different tone if not a different meaning.

First, the 'one day' is not present in the original and the tense is actually in the present, not the future.

Second is the structure and meaning of the last sentence of the paragraph.  The 'ultimatum' attitude implied by the 'but' etc is absent.

A google robo-translation is consistent with the Tradical translation.  Thank-you Mother for suggesting that I enter French Immersion!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017



Well, it is quite amusing to see the extents that someone will go to to not admit that there's an issue with the documents of the Second Vatican Council.

To make a deal with the SSPX and the Lefebvrist movement on Archbishop Pozzo’s premise—that this new personal prelature would be conceded a right to reject certain teachings of the Second Vatican Council—would be to make the symphony of Catholic truth discordant rather than melodic. It would validate even more dissent on the Catholic Left. It would reinforce the notion that doctrine is not about truth, but about power. (First Things: Lets-not-make-a-deal-at-least-this-deal)

Ok - let's see if I understand this:

  1. selon the SSPX the documents of the Second Vatican "dissent" from prior magisterium.
  2. If the SSPX is allowed to maintain on to this understanding of prior magisterium and be 'regularized' that affects the standing of the V2 magisterium.
  3. This would validate even more dissent from the Catholic Left.
Well this is kinda funny, the SSPX's adherence to Catholic Teaching encourages modernists et al in their dissent.


Truth is stranger than fiction!