Rome's Mantra


Just in case you're one of the faithful that have slumbered through most of the last 50 years - let's give a quick reality check of what the conflict between Rome and the SSPX is ALL about.

It comes down to what I call the 'Mantra' that Rome repeats whenever they encounter the SSPX.

The SSPX must accept without distinction / reservation:

  1. The Second Vatican Council
  2. The New Mass
Really these two items encapsulate what this fight is all about as the Second Vatican Council set the theological ground work for deviating (ie rupturing) the link with past doctrine and - as we now see - Dogma.

The New Mass is merely the embodiment of all the principles put forward in the New Mass.

I know that there is also the question of the post-conciliar magisterium - but this too is an offshoot of V2. While the Popes have been more or less speckled with regards to the Doctrine/Dogma we see the fruits of their 'labours' all around us now.  

So there you have it  ... it isn't about 'The Mass', nor is it really about 'The Council'.  

It is about Church Teaching, its Doctrine and Dogma.

Forget this fact at your peril.



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