Sunday, February 26, 2017

What can we do???


So for those with eyes to see the Catholic Church is in a crisis of Faith and it began at the top (Paul VI???) and will end at the top (Pope ?????? the ??).

The question is what can / should we do?  I am of course thinking primarily of the Laity, but my thinking also applies to the professed.

What I see as a high probability is that Rome will finally drop the mantra sometime in the next 3 to 5 years.

Whether it is under Pope Francis the Last or some other Pontiff doesn't really matter.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rome and the SSPX - Nothing like a bit of drama to increase the readership


Every so often there is a flurry of announcements concerning the 'potential', 'impending', 'imminent' regularization of the SSPX.

Usually, the words from Rome are laced with little tidbits, such as fear of a split within the SSPX etc.

Then from the SSPX comes the water dousing the feverish thoughts of those who follow the ins and outs of the Rome / SSPX relations.

My information is paraphrased as the following: Don't hold your breathe.  There are still significant issues with the 'offer'.

Further, I am aware that the Societies house in Albano was no longer meeting the needs for the Society in Rome and that they have been looking for a solution for a number years.

Nothing to see here, moving on ...

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Thinking about the SSPX article on Satire, you may have noticed, I keep my identity hidden behind a pseudonym.

The reasons are simple: My livelihood would be adversely affected if my identity was known and I would be unable to support my family.

Do duty of state trumps desire for vain glory.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Satire: A New Way to Combat the Crisis? and Reactions


The SSPX has published an article critical of the utilization of anonymous satire in addressing the Pope.

This article has raised the ire of a number of online anonymous bloggers and personalities (see Remnant).

The key element that Father X misses is that, while the name of the author of the article is unknown, the identity of the organization sponsoring the article is clearly known: The SSPX.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Correcting a Pope - John Lamont


There's been a fair amount of speculation about Pope Francis' status vis-a-vis the rest of the Catholic Church.

Speculation doesn't cut it in this case.

There are two ways in which a person can KNOW that another Catholic has committed the sin of heresy.


They tell you 


The Catholic Church tells you.

What would the first case look like?

Let's say that Pope Francis made an explicit public denial of faith such as: I do not believe that the Blessed Virgin Mary was assumed into Heaven.

At this point, you 'know' that the Pope has committed the sin of heresy.  It is a fact that he has denied a belief that is to be held by all Catholics.

What you don't know is if he has incurred any of the penalties associated with that act. That is up for the authority of the Church to determine.

In the latter case, such as we see unfolding before our eyes, ambiguous phrases, utterings, writings, need to be put to a test to verify the intention of the person in question.  Then the Church would make a judgement on these elements vis-a-vis Church Teaching (Doctrine and Dogma).

At this point you 'know' that the person in question has committed the sin of heresy. However, you remain in ignorance as to the juridical impact of this sin on his Papacy.

Anything outside of these conditions is simply suspicion, opinion and supposition.  Those who say they know that this or that Pope committed the sin of heresy for whatever reason are flat out wrong.

If neither of the two situation listed above have occurred, then we simply don't know.

The following article is, I hope a light for right thinking on this topic.

Keep in mind that we are in new ground in some cases and the theories put forth in earlier centuries are now about to have the kinks worked out and made straight.

We are in a time when the precedence will be set on how to handle a wild and erring Pope.


Courtesy of Rorate

Rome's Mantra


Just in case you're one of the faithful that have slumbered through most of the last 50 years - let's give a quick reality check of what the conflict between Rome and the SSPX is ALL about.

It comes down to what I call the 'Mantra' that Rome repeats whenever they encounter the SSPX.

The SSPX must accept without distinction / reservation:

  1. The Second Vatican Council
  2. The New Mass
Really these two items encapsulate what this fight is all about as the Second Vatican Council set the theological ground work for deviating (ie rupturing) the link with past doctrine and - as we now see - Dogma.

The New Mass is merely the embodiment of all the principles put forward in the New Mass.

I know that there is also the question of the post-conciliar magisterium - but this too is an offshoot of V2. While the Popes have been more or less speckled with regards to the Doctrine/Dogma we see the fruits of their 'labours' all around us now.  

So there you have it  ... it isn't about 'The Mass', nor is it really about 'The Council'.  

It is about Church Teaching, its Doctrine and Dogma.

Forget this fact at your peril.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

I believe in God ...


I grow increasingly disturbed by Louie Verrecchio's posts.

For example, we have his latest post on Bishop Fellay's interview here.  Aside from the obvious dissonance the arises when someone criticises an SSPX bishop (some I recognize as a cultural reaction), there is something else.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fr. Most on the Dubia of Archbishop Lefebvre


While the focus has been on the Dubia of the Cardinals for the last few months, there is another set of Dubia that should foremost in our minds: The of Archbishop Lefebvre.

Before I transcribe the Dubia, I'd like to provide a critique of a criticism of the Dubia submitted by Archbishop Lefebvre.

Source: EWTN

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

For the impatient


Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this crisis.

The act of justice restoring what was taken from the SSPX (and the Church at large) will take time.

We're only at the 17 year mark and both those pro a "no-compromise regularization", and those contra any "regularization" need to exercise patience and not jump to conclusions.

This last interview was a good example.

People took on part out of context and jumped to the conclusion that the SSPX would be imminently regularized.

Listening to the whole interview showed that objectively, this was not the case.

So just remember:

a hundred years is a mere blink in the life of an elf

and so it is with the Church!


Monday, February 6, 2017

Just in case you suspected that the SSPX was going to compromise ... Was Early Church Tolerant of Divorce


While the head of the CDF issues unofficial statements in 'response' to the Cardinal's dubia - the SSPX promotes the Truth.

Funny that.

My belief is that when the SSPX is granted a no-compromise, Accept Us As We Are, "regularization" , something will have dramatically changed in Rome.

Even if we can't see it.

After all, we're edging into the 17th year of the Rome / SSPX discussions and upto 2012 Rome was consistent in its Mantra: Accept the Council, Accept the New Mass, Accept the Post-Conciliar Magisterium ... etc.

The SSPX has stated clearly - nope - not going to compromise.

Rome is the ones who are slowly shifting and vacillating on their mantra.

Me thinks this is a good thing!!!


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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Legacy of Catholic Families


I was reflecting upon the work that the 'oldsters' have done over the decades.

One Catholic family can have a huge multi-generational effect giving life to Parishes.

I have one question to ask you Fathers and Mothers:

What is your legacy?


Friday, February 3, 2017

La Port Latine


La port latine is the official site of the SSPX district of France.

Given that it is a large district they have additional resources and a good website.

For your reference:


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Bishop Fellay: Clarity needed to move forward


As discussed here, the key element is:
We have told Rome, very clearly, that, just as Archbishop Lefebvre used to say in his day, we have a sine qua non condition: if this condition is not met, then we will not move. And this condition is for us to be able to remain as we are, to keep all the principles that have kept us alive, that have kept us Catholic.
So ... what can we conclude?

If Rome asks the SSPX to compromise, then the status-quo will be maintained.

Not to worry, if Pope Francis the Last won't live by his liberal principles, then perhaps the next Pope will live by Catholic ones and end the unjust exile of the SSPX.

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What Archbishop Lefebvre Said About the New Mass -


The New Mass is many things and one thing that it is is ambiguous.  While there are a few Catholic elements in the Novus Ordo, but even those are lost in the morass of protestant simulation.

It truly is a case of :


Courtesy of What Archbishop Lefebvre said about the New Mass