Saturday, May 14, 2016

Tradical retirement plan


After a look at all the balls (responsibilities) that I have to keep in the air - I have concluded that I need to retire from blogging.

I will leave this blog active as a resource but will not be writing articles or cross posting interesting ones.

After 4 years I have reached the following conclusions:

  • A strong interiour life is essential to surviving and thriving in this crisis of the Church.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Teachings of the Church as the Church understands them is essential to forming a proper perspective on the crisis.
  • Restoration of sanity in the Church will require a major cultural change.  
  • Fall out from this will result in a major event in the life of the Church. If you thought V2 was a big event - this will be bigger as the results of the V2 'wound' in the Church has festered for 50 years.
  • Sin in another does not justify sin in ourselves.
  • Conspiracy theories lead to a rejection of legitimate authority.
  • Resistors have lost perspective and try to extract the motes in others eyes, while there are beams in their own.