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The Position of the SSPX on Canonizations by the Saint Factory

I have sometimes been criticized for including 'St' as a title for Pope John Paul II et al.

I've given my reasons here in a discussion with Alex Long. The question is one of prudence in discussions with ntCatholics and in some cases with tCatholics.

In discussions with:

 ntCatholics, I will use the title in order to continue the discussion and help them arrive at a realistic understanding of the crisis of the Church.tCatholics, I will use the title in order to broaden their perspective on the doctrine of dogmatic facts. This broader perspective is, in my opinion, essential maintaining a realistic understanding of the crisis of the Church.
So from a doctrinal position, I have written the article Dogmatic Fact of Fancy and includes a reference on canonizations.

Now, I know the position of the SSPX is that the canonizations are doubtful (see references below) and I also know of at least one non-SSPX theologian who agrees with the level of doubt due to the changes in the…

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